Network Medical Management


Network Medical Management (NMM) is a full-service management service organization (MSO) that provides administrative, technical, and professional support to LaSalle Medical Associates.

We view NMM as an integral partner in the provision of services to our members and providers and value their expertise and level of commitment in assisting our efforts to provide that quality service. Services that NMM provides include the following:

  • Utilization Management including Referrals Processing
  • Quality Management
  • Contracting and Networking Development
  • Finance
  • Claims Processing
  • Information Systems
  • Enrollment and Eligibility Verification
  • Provider Relations
  • Member Relations
  • Marketing

Key Contacts at NMM

  • UM Director
  • QM Director
  • Claims Supervisor


Network Medical Management (NMM) is a Management Services Organization (MSO) comprised of healthcare professionals and financial experts, whose industry expertise enables clients to attain their financial goals and achieve organizational success.


NMM provides comprehensive administrative support to Independent Physicians Associations (IPAs) and medical groups, pursuing both quality patient-care and profitability.

As health care industry continues to evolve, NMM remains at the forefront, anticipating changes and their impacts to the customers. NMM believes in a solid infrastructure and technology, which ensure the delivery of an integrated health care system with the highest efficiency and accuracy.

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