IPA History

LaSalle Medical Associates (“LaSalle”) is an Independent Practice Association (IPA) with independently contracted and employed physicians located in Los Angeles, Madera, Riverside, San Bernardino, Fresno, Kings, San Joaquin and Tulare counties.

LaSalle was formed in 1996 and began with two staff-model site and less than 3,000 managed care enrollees.  LaSalle has enjoyed consistent growth and support from its health plan partners since then and now has four staff-model sites and 300,000 managed care enrollees assigned to its member physicians.

LaSalle is proud to serve several California counties and has a large network of Primary and Specialty Care Physicians.

In cooperation with Adventist Health, in April 2002 LaSalle Medical Associates took over the East Los Angeles division of the former Southern California Health Network (SCHN).  Because of the organizational structure of SCHN, many East Los Angeles providers were prohibited from joining and were unable to utilize the White Memorial Medical Center.  However, these restrictions no longer exist, and providers may now take full advantage of the excellent specialty network and hospital care available through LaSalle’s partnership with the White Memorial Medical Center.

LaSalle Medical Associates has contracts with the following leading health plans:

Ÿ  Aetna Ÿ  Citizens Choice
Ÿ  Blue Cross Ÿ  Health Net
Ÿ  Blue Shield Ÿ  IEHP
Ÿ  Care1st Ÿ  Molina
Ÿ  Cigna

LaSalle is committed to community based healthcare that ensures maximum availability of medical services at the highest level of quality.  Through partnership with select hospitals, LaSalle maintains a maximally efficient healthcare delivery system that, unlike with other IPA’s, is geographically focused.  This allows LaSalle to maintain consistent financial performance and viability which in turn secures LaSalle’s relationships with its health plan and medical provider partners.

If you are interested in becoming a primary care or specialty care provider with LaSalle Medical Associates, please contact us.